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SR. Productions is for those students who excel in the Performing Arts and are dedicated to developing their talents and gaining experience in performing in full length Broadway Musicals.

SR. Productions students will receive training from the highest skilled directors, choreographers and musical directors. 

Students must commit for the whole year. From Day One of rehearsal to Closing Night. (No matter what role they are playing in the Musical.) Remember there are no small roles only small actors!



*Ages 13-18 (8th through 12th grade)

*Audition Required

*Tuition $85 per month - 4 Hours/week

*Annual Registration $55

*Costume Fee $65 Bi-Annually

*Classes meet Tuesdays AND Thursdays 5:00pm-7:00pm

*Classes will begin week of September 5th, 2023

*Please email for an audition 


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