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Amy has been involved with Music and Musical Theatre in some shape or form all of her life. She took piano lessons growing up and participated many times in the California Music Teachers' Association Piano Competitions where she received numerous awards. She received a Music Scholarship to BYU-Hawaii which she attended for 3 years. Before getting married she performed in The Music Man, West Side Story and Hello Dolly. Even though she took a long break from the stage to get married and raise her children, Amy continued to teach piano lessons, run a preschool out of her basement and direct several Elementary school plays. Once her kids got older she returned to the stage in 9 to 5, The Wedding Singer, The Addams Family, Annie and many more fun shows. Even though she loves being on the stage, Amy seems to enjoy the "behind the scene" action even more. She has been a part of the Showstopper family since 2010 and the Hopebox family since it began in 2014. During this time she has taken on many roles such as instructor, stage manager, producer, office manager, house manager, assistant and director for many, many shows. Her greatest joy has been performing with her kids and watching them grow up in the theater world. She hopes to one day work at Disneyland as the Fairy Godmother. "I feel so privileged to be a part of the amazing program offered at Showstoppers. What a great environment for kids to come and learn how to become a Triple Threat on the stage and have their confidence and self esteem strengthened at the same time. These kiddos have my whole heart!!!"

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